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Photo: Dik Nicolai

Hair: Donovan Wijngaarde

Make-up: Errol Severin



I started this project with both a frustration and a fascination. I noticed, that every girl on instragram (the instagram girl) looks similar to one a nother. By altering their physical appearance, through differetent filters. I saw girls with no imperfections. I asked myself – Is this a realistic representation of what a fe- male in the non- virtual world looks like? And I knew right a way..NO. #IMPERFECTIONS You have the inner core of instagram girls, who serve as an exemple to other girls who follow. They will take extreme masurements to become like the instagram girl. Through our imperfections, we are our unique self. By erasing these imperfections we erase at the same time a part of our own individuality. #COLLECTION Besides the six outfits I made a collection of six wearable metal pieces who holds the model in one place. Those pieces are inspired by the beauty standarts of the 80’s and 90’s supermodels who on posed true life. This becose those poses aren’t natural and look forsed and uncomfortable on a “normal“ human body.